DW Print: Georgia Ellyse Featured in Insight News, Makes Front Page with “Campaign L2V”

Radio personality makes FRONT PAGE headlines on Insight News weekly print edition! Check out the article below – and make sure to grab a copy if you’re in the Twin Cities!

Georgia Ellyse Featured on Insight News

KMOJ’s Georgia Ellyse opens up about the loss of her first child; focuses on healing self and others
by Alaina Lewis/Insight News
February 22, 2013

When talent, beauty and brains meet activism and advocacy you get Georgia Ellyse, a Twin Cities native whose impressive resume has lead her from KMOJ-FM, all the way to BET’s “106 & Park.”

Now with the world yearning for programs to heal heartache after premature loss, this powerhouse is stepping up to restore everyone’s faith through an organization she is working with called Faith’s Lodge.

Faith’s Lodge is a retreat for families who have lost a child to violence or natural causes and need a place to heal and restore their hope. It has been in existence since 2007 and is the only facility like it in the country.

One thing people may not be aware of is that Ellyse first became affiliated with Faith’s Lodge, when she herself visited the weekend retreat several years ago after losing her daughter, Amana, when Amana was just 5 months old. It was through Faith’s Lodge where Ellyse found a new direction and the urge to heal and make sense of he loss.

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